Our Platoons

Our members come from all different walks of life – and train with us for many different reasons!

Everyone who comes along has similar goals though – lose weight, improve body shape – and have some fun whilst getting fitter!

Our yellow bibs have gone AWOL, if you see one at an event you attend or at some far off location please send photographic evidence of yourself and the bib with a caption to explain where you saw it...

The first bib has already been spotted, click here to find out more...

Low to moderate intensity

We have a great time but you’re ready for that little bit more. These classes are still basic yet you begin to speed up a bit as we start to encourage a sense of urgency in your training.

We also include a range of team activities which you will find fun whilst challenging. You will be introduced to some slightly more intense exercises as you progress to the top two groups. Your Instructor will always be behind you 100%, encouraging you to become more confident with all your activities.

Moderate to high intensity

The intermediate class is designed to prepare you for the next level of training. The instructor will always coach and encourage you to give that little bit more because at this stage he knows that you can handle it.

High intensity

CMF’s elite fitness group: These classes are for people who have been promoted through the other groups. They are also suitable for people who are already super fit and looking for a new challenge or for any athlete looking to add that extra edge to their performance.

They are excellent for a Total Conditioning Cross Training program. Make no mistake these are not for the faint hearted.