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When I started training with Jamie, I had done nothing like it before, I'd not been to the gym for ages so totally unfit so I thought I would try this fitness just for a laugh and yes it nearly killed me.... but I really enjoyed it, the girls I train with are great fun and believe it or not it feels really good rolling around a soaking wet field.

The training for me has been second to none, my fitness level has improved greatly, I love the outdoor fitness, and I feel a sense of achievement after every class, I go twice a week at the moment and im looking forward to doing more and more with all the extra classes available.

Sometimes when I look at the weather I think "no way am I running around that field in the pouring rain", but when I get there and hear Jamie shouting at us to warm up it's worth every is great fun and anybody should try it.
Jane Makin - Delta Group Member

In the short time that I have been coming to CMF I have found it the best exercise ever, and the classes are always good fun.

My fitness level has improved tremendously and you are always there to shout at us and to encourage us to put that extra bit of effort in, even when we didn't think it was possible!
Rosemary Allen - Delta Group Member

One of the best things  I enjoy about CMF is the unpredictability of the classes. Every class is different, depending on the weather, the part of the park we're using that day and  the trainer. No two classes are the same so I don't get bored like I used to at the gym! Even though I may be training with far fitter and younger people I feel I've had just as hard and as challenging a session as they have. I'm getting fitter with every class but having fun at the same time with a great group of people.
Rhona Radnor - Charlie Group Member

CMF gives me a great team with a natural leader, Jamie Bloor-totally toned, inspiring instructor, excellent encourager, doting dad and genuine nice guy with a wicked sense of humour, a fondness for home-made cakes and would have us believe he can cook from scratch! Whatever my level of fitness is, CMF is fun, friendly, fast, challenging (and sometimes very wet!) and always makes me feel good both physically and mentally. Looking forward to the beauty of the seasons in the great outdoors and lots more PHYS of course!
Jan Booker - Charlie Group Member

CMF gives you the opportunity to get fit in a structured environment,  be trained by highly experienced military instructors, who know how to motivate and push you in a strong, good natured way with a smile on their face (if not yours).

Whilst you are encouraged to train to your own level of fitness, there is a strong emphasis on quality of exercise but classes still have a natural competitive edge to them. When the pain kicks in is when the real fun starts  and you'll learn to ache in places you didn't know existed!!  Believe me, training outdoors with CMF can only be good for you so I'm told!! 
Warren Milroy - Bravo Group Member

Since starting this fitness regime, I have lost 2 1/2 stone and feel great about myself. The workouts are really hard and every time I show up, I think to myself 'Why are you putting yourself through this' but after each session I know the reason. I have never felt this fit in all my life and I have tried lots of different types of exercise programmes.

The instructors are inspirational and push you further than you would push yourself. The atmosphere is fun and we all are supportive of each other. I have gained a whole new group of friends. I can't explain it but CMF is addictive. Once you start, you won't be able to stop no matter what the weather.
Katy McAinsh - Bravo Group Member