Self Defence

The Self-Defence wing was formed to raise the awareness, self-protection and self-defence capabilities for anybody who wishes to take there personal safety more seriously. We run seminars and master classes that are open to anybody, not just CMF members!

These events are held throughout the year and delivered by some of the countries most qualified instructors. Keep an eye on our CMF Events page for times and dates of our next sessions.

Personal training and private group tuition is available upon request.

CMF Defence Team

Jamie is our Operations Director and the founder of the CMF Self-Protection Wing. He holds senior grades in Applied Self-Defence, Self-Protection, Combat Jujitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitstu and Submission fighting.

Jamie was also a Door Supervisor and was Head Doorman for one of Manchester’s main venues for a number of years.

He has competition experience in Western Boxing, Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission fighting and Mixed martial arts. He also holds ABA coaches award and Official Instructors grade with the UK Self-Defence Federation.

Jamie holds senior coaches awards of The British Weight Lifters Association, has a level 3 in Athletics jumps and throws and he is also qualified to teach curriculum multi sports and to coach clinical population & Disabled people in sport.

Barry is our head coach in Submission fighting and has extensive experience in all ground fighting and grappling arts, such as “Catch as catch can”, “Submission”, “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu”, “Russian Sambo”, “Judo” and “Freestyle wrestling”. Barry also holds Instructor qualification in the Applied Self-Defence system (ASD).

He is currently one of the head coaches of “Moss Side Ground and Pound” which is one of this countries leading Mixed Martial Arts Academes.

Barry has over 20 years experience as a night club doorman in Manchester and is now the Director of his own Tiling Company, South Manchester Ceramics.

Sean holds an Instructor qualification in Self-Protection and Applied Self-Defence (ASD). He is a keen enthusiast with competition experience in submission fighting and mixed martial arts.

Sean has fighting experience with some of this countries leading mixed martial artist and is currently studying for his Senior Instructors grade in the ASD system.

Sean currently works as a Head Door Supervisor on one of Manchester’s major venues.

Dave is currently a lecturer at City College - Manchester in Health, Fitness & Nutrition; he has experience in “Thai boxing”, “Jeet kune do” and “Submission fighting.”

He also holds Assistant instructor’s qualification in the applied Self-Defence system.

Mike has a degree in Sports Science and currently works with Manchester Sports Development; he is our youngest potential instructor.

Mike is on the competition team of “Straight Blast UK” which is a submission wrestling club and has competition experience at Seni Birmingham’08, one of the world’s most renowned martial arts competitions.

He is also currently studying for his Instructors grade in the Applied Self-Defence System.