Our Platoons


What do I need to wear?

Sensible training shoes and comfortable training gear. It is advisable to layer up in colder weather. (Although the exercise keeps you from feeling the cold).

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself. We supply water and our instructors take a back pack to carry safety equipment and any car keys

• Do you exercise in all weathers?

We train in all weathers. Our classes are always different this makes them more fun. Different weathers just add different dimensions to the classes making them more challenging and enjoyable.

• Will I get wet and muddy?

Sometimes you will get wet and a little muddy but the classes are always fun and enjoyable. Also you will be concentrating on your exercise and won’t actually notice or mind the rain. After being indoors all day just being outdoors in the fresh air is refreshing whatever the weather.

• Is it too dark to exercise in the winter months?

Your safety and well being is of our up most concern. Safety assessments are carried out before and during every class. Most of our venues are fully lit so training at night is not a problem. Also instructors carry safety lighting.

• I haven’t exercised for a long time, are your workouts suitable for me?

Absolutely our classes are designed to suit all abilities.

• I already go to a gym will your classes be beneficial to me?

Yes. Our training is completely different to training in a gym and therefore cannot be compared. You will have new goals and targets to reach. At all our classes you will work with a fully qualified highly experienced ex-military fitness instructor/personal trainer who will challenge you and definitely push you towards a new level. You will definitely improve your fitness and get that “endorphin” rush that as a gym member you will already love.

• I’ve seen boot camps on TV where the instructors shout at and bully the people exercising what if I can’t do the exercises?

Our instructors do not shout and bully people. They will encourage a sense of urgency and motivate you to reach your goal. Everybody trains together, however there are different levels in each class denoted by what colour bib you wear, there are always low impact alternatives to every exercise we do. Your instructor will demonstrate and complete a “walk through talk through” of all exercises asked of you.

• Why train outdoors?

There is strong evidence that exercise and fresh air increases both physical and mental well being. We offer a flexible and constructive exercise programme that takes advantage of the fresh air and natural terrain. This means no two classes are the same and you get fit whilst escaping from being indoors all day.

• Will I get fit and lose weight/tone up?

Yes, our exercises cover every aspect of fitness, weight loss and shape improvement. Physical exercise not only helps you to reduce your weight but will also help you keep the weight off

• I don’t have much spare time how many times week do I have to attend?

We run 17 classes a week at 5 different venues (more classes available from February 2010). As a member you would be entitled to attend unlimited classes at any of our parks. The amount of classes available means everybody can fit our exercise regime into their busy schedule. The amount of sessions you attend is entirely down to you.

• Is there an age limit?

No as long as you are over 16 years old all ages are welcome.

• I want to join with a friend will we be able to exercise together?

Yes, you will also meet new people and have fun whilst getting fit. Everybody exercises together and there is a definite team spirit with all members encouraging each other. !